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Instrument Specification Forms and Integrated Instrument Index

Instrument Specification Forms Templates-Form List

Instrument Data Sheet Templates - Form List 

This evergreen document lists the Operating Parameters Specification Forms and Device Specification Forms numbers, Titles and Latest Revision number. It is updated with every publishing of new form templates, which is typically quarterly.

R2021 Panel-mount or Rail Mount Process ControllerPanel-mount or Rail Mount Process ControllerTABLE 1 - Operating Parameter Device Categories and Form Titles

Form Number Form - Title Rev

A1001 Analysis Device

A1002 Analysis Device with Composition or Property

C1001 Valve or Regulator Device

C1002 Isolation Valve or Shutoff Device

C1003 Desuperheating Control Valve Device

C1004 Recirculation Valve device

F1001 Flow Device

F1002 Gas Flow Device with Composition Parameters

F1003 Bulk Solids Flow Device

F1101 Line

L1001 Level Device

P1001 Differential Pressure Device

P1002 Pressure Relief or Safety Relief Device

P1003 Pressure Device

P1004 Tank or Line Venting Device

T1001 Temperature Device

T1002 Non-contact Temperature Measurement Device 0

W1001 Weight or Force Device 0

TABLE 2 - Device Specification Categories and Form Titles

Form Number - Form Title

Analysis Devices

A2111 Fixed Point Gas Transmitter Monitor/Control Unit

A2131 Open Path Gas Detector

A2141 Semi-continuous Analyzer

A2143 Online Catalytic Combustion Based TOC Analyzer

A2151 Insitu Gas Analyzer

A2161 Continuous Extractive Gas Analyzer

A2171 Opacity or Dust Monitor w/wo Integral Transmitter

A2172 Opacity or Dust Transmitter or Interface Unit

A2181 Online Colorimetric Based Wet-chemical Analyzer

A2183 Online ISE Based Wet-chemical Analyzer

A2185 Online Respirometry Based BOD or Toxicity Analyzer

A2187 Online Thermal Digestion Based COD or Analyzer

A2189 Online Chemical Oxidation Based TOC, TIC and TC Analyzer

A2191 Dissolved Gas Sensor w/wo Mounting Assembly

A2192 Dissolved Gas Transmitter/Analyzer/Monitor

A2201 Online Liquid Particle Counter Sensor w/wo Analyzer

A2203 Remote or Portable Airborne Particle counter w/wo Pump

A2205 Online or Handheld Particle Counter or Monitor

A2207 Remote or Handheld Condensation Particle Counter

A2301 Ion Selective Sensor w/wo Insertion Assembly

A2311 Liquid Density or Specific Gravity Transmitter

A2321 Nuclear Type Density Transmitter w/wo Switches

A2331 Continuous Extractive Oil in Water Monitor w/wo Switches

A2332 Insitu Oil in Water Sensor w/wo Insertion Assembly

A2333 Oil in Water Monitor/Controller w/wo Switches

A2341 pH/ORP Sensor w/wo Insertion Assembly

A2342 pH/ORP/Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter/Analyzer/Monitor

A2345 Continuous TOC Sensor w/wo Transmitter or Analyzer

A2349 Continuous UV-VIS Sensor w/wo Controller

A2351 Turbidity or Photometric Sensor w/wo Transmitter

A2352 Turbidity or Photometric Transmitter or Controller

A2361 Viscosity and Density Sensor w/wo Integral Transmitter

A2363 Gas Density Meter w/wo Calculated Variables

A2371 Moisture Analyzer or Dew Point Xmtr w/wo Sample Sys

A2372 Single Channel Moisture Analyzer or Dew Point Xmtr

A2373 Humidity or Dew Point w/wo Temperature Transmitter

A2381 Conductivity Sensor w/wo Insertion Assembly

A2391 Entrained/Holdup Gas Monitor

A2411 Smoke and/or Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A2511 Smoke Detector

A2512 Beam Smoke or Open-Air Smoke Imaging Detector

A2611 Soil Moisture or Water Potential Sensor with Probe

A2612 Soil Moisture and Temperature and Salinity Profiling Probe

A2613 Hand-held Moisture Content Meter w/wo Auxiliary Probe

A2901 Sample Gas Conditioning System w/wo Phase Separation

A2902 Sample Probe or Extractor

A2903 Steam and Water Grab Sample and Conditioning System

A2904 Grab Sample or Bottle Sampling System

A2905 Steam and Water Grab Sampling System

A2906 Automated Steam and Water Sample Conditioning System

A2910 Analyzer Controller

Burner or Combustion Devices

B2001 Flame Scanner w/wo Flame Relay or Amplifier

B2002 Optical Flame Detector w/wo Video Camera

Valve or Regulator Devices

C2001 Linear Motion Type Control Valve Assembly

C2002 Linear Motion Type Control Valve Assembly with Auxiliaries

C2011 Rotary Motion Type Control Valve Assembly

C2012 Rotary Motion Type Control Valve Assembly with Auxiliaries

C2021 Severe Service Isolation Valve Assembly

C2022 Severe Service Control Valve Assembly w/Auxiliaries

C2023 Cryogenic Service Isolation Valve Assembly with Auxiliaries

C2024 Cryogenic Service Control Valve Assembly w/Auxiliaries

C2031 Desuperheater Device/Control Valve Assembly

C2041 Linear Motion Type Motor Operated Valve Assembly

C2042 Rotary Motion Type Motor Operated Valve Assembly

C2043 Electric Actuator and Auxiliaries

C2051 Linear Motion Type Isolation Valve Assembly

C2052 Rotary Motion Type Isolation Valve Assembly

C2061 Linear Motion Type Emergency Valve Assembly

C2062 Rotary Motion Type Emergency Valve Assembly

C2101 Automatic Recirculation Valve w/wo Back Pressure Regulator

C2105 Check Valve or Automatic Control Valve

C2111 Pressure Regulator w/wo Pilot Valve

C2131 Self-Acting Temperature Regulator Valve

C2141 Air-Release or Air/Vacuum and Combination Air Valves

C2211 Solenoid Valve or Manifold Assembly

Flow Devices

F2001 Air Flow Traverse Probe w/wo Flow Straightener

F2011 Elbow Flow Meter

F2021 Flow Nozzle w/wo Meter Tube

F2031 Orifice Plate (with Sizing Data)

F2032 Orifice or Restriction Orifice Plate

F2041 Orifice Plate Assembly w/wo Meter Tube

F2061 Paddle Flow Switch or Transmitter

F2062 Waterflow Detector w/wo Retard

F2071 Pitot Tube w/wo Insertion Assembly

F2081 Segmental Wedge Flow Element 

F2091 Target Flowmeter/Switch w/wo Insertion Assembly

F2101 V-Shaped Cone Flowmeter

F2111 Venturi or Flow Tube w/wo Meter Tube

F2121 Laminar Flow element w/wo Transmitter

F2211 Flume Flowmeter

F2231 Rotameter/Variable Area Flowmeter-Direct Reading Type

F2251 Variable Area Flowmeter or Transmitter w/wo Switches

F2261 Weir Flowmeter Assembly

F2271 Piston or Shuttle Flow Switch

F2301 Coriolis Solids Mass Flowmeter w/wo Switches

F2311 Free-Falling or Conveyed Bulk Solids Flowmeter

F2312 Belt Scale System

F2313 Impact or Solid-Particle Mass Flowmeter

F2314 Microwave Solids Flow or Velocity Transmitter

F2315 Microwave Solids Flow or Blocked Chute Switch

F2321 Magnetic Flowmeter w/wo Integral Totalizer Indicator

F2322 Insertion Type Magnetic Flowmeter w/wo Transmitter

F2331 Radiation-Based Bulk Solids Flowmeter

F2341 Ultrasonic Flowmeter w/wo Switches

F2342 Ultrasonic Flare Gas Sensor w/wo Insertion Assembly

F2343 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter

F2351 Thermal Mass Flowmeter w/wo Switches

F2361 Thermal Mass Flow Switch

F2371 Turbine Flowmeter Direct-Reading Type

F2372 Turbine Flowmeter w/wo Switches

F2375 Paddlewheel Flowmeter w/wo Switches

F2381 Vortex or Swirl Flowmeter w/wo Totalizer Indicator

F2382 Insertion Type Vortex Flowmeter w/wo Transmitter

F2391 Sonar Flowmeter w/wo Entrained Gas Monitor

F2411 Positive Displacement Flowmeter Direct-Reading Type

F2431 Gear-Type PD Flowmeter w/wo Transmitter

F2432 Helical Gear PD Flowmeter w/wo Transmitter

F2441 Rotary-Type Gas PD Meter w/wo Transmitter

F2451 Sliding/Rotary Vane Type PD Flowmeter

F2461 Piston-Type PD Flowmeter w/wo Transmitter

F2471 Nutating Disc PD Meter w/wo Transmitter

F2511 Multi-Gas Flowmeter w/wo Controller

F2521 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter w/wo Totalizer Indicator

F2611 Sight Flow Indicator w/wo Illuminator

F2711 Meter Tube w/wo Flow Straightener

Hand Control Devices

H2021 Manual Sampling Valve

H2031 Manual Pull Station

Level Devices

L2101 Capacitance or RF Admittance Level Transmitter

L2111 Diff Pressure Level Transmitter-Flange Mounted

L2112 Diff Pressure Level Transmitter with Remote Sensor

L2113 Diff Pressure Level Transmitter with Seals

L2114 Submersible Level Transmitter w/wo Data Logger

L2121 Displacer-Type Level or Density Transmitter or Controller

L2122 Displacer-Type Level Indicator w/wo Switches

L2131 Tank Level Gauge or Transmitter w/wo Switches

L2141 Nuclear Radiation-Based Level Transmitter w/wo Switches

L2151 Resistance-Tape Level Transmitter w/wo Switches

L2161 Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter For Liquid

L2162 Guided Wave Radar Level or Interface Transmitter

L2163 Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter For Solids

L2171 Non-contact Ultrasonic Level Transmitter w/wo Switches

L2181 Magnetostrictive Level or Interface Transmitter or Switch

L2191 Laser Level Transmitter w/wo Switches

L2201 Non-contact Volumetric Level Scanner w/wo Visualization

L2211 Professional Precipitation Sensor or Rain Gauge

L2212 Snow Depth Sensor or Gauge

L2301 Capacitance or RF Admittance Level Switch

L2302 Conductivity Level Probe or Switch

L2303 Capacitive or Proximity Level Switch

L2305 Thermal Dispersion Level Switch

L2311 Float or Displacer Level Switch w/wo External Cage

L2312 Tank Level Gauge or Indicator w/wo Switches

L2313 Tilt Level Switch

L2314 Single Level Float Sensor or Switch

L2315 Multi-level Float Sensor or Switch w/wo Temp Sensor

L2321 Nuclear Radiation-Based Level Switch

L2351 Ultrasonic Contact-Type Level Switch

L2361 Vibrating Element Level Switch

L2371 Rotary Level Switch

L2381 Optical Level Switch w/wo Remote Controller

L2391 Diaphragm Level Switch

L2501 Liquid Level Gauge Glass w/wo Illuminator

L2511 Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge or Indicator w/wo Switches

L2521 Electromechanical Servo/Plumb Bob Level Transmitter

Pressure or Differential Pressure Devices

P2001 Pressure Gauge

P2002 Digital Press or Diff Press Gauge w/wo Output Signal

P2011 Pressure Gauge with Diaphragm Seal

P2101 Differential Pressure Gauge

P2201 Pressure Transmitter w/wo Integral Isolating Diaphragm

P2202 Pressure Sensor/Transducer or Transmitter w/wo Switches

P2211 Pressure Transmitter with Remote Diaphragm Seal

P2301 Differential Pressure Transmitter

P2311 Differential Pressure Transmitter with Seals

P2312 Diff Pressure Transmitter with Remote Sensor

P2401 Mechanical Pressure Switch

P2402 Electronic Pressure Switch w/wo Transmitter

P2501 Mechanical Differential Pressure Switch

P2502 Electronic Differential Pressure Switch w/wo Transmitter

Pressure Safety Devices

P2901 Rupture Disk Assembly w/wo Burst Sensor

P2902 Explosion or Pressure Relief Vent

P2911 Pressure Relief Tank Vent w/wo Integral Flame Arrester

P2912 Emergency Pressure or Vacuum Vent

P2913 Pilot Operated Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

P2921 Pressure Relief Valve

P2923 Safety Relief Valve

P2924 Pilot Operated Pressure Relief or Safety Relief Valve

P2925 Hydraulic Pilot Operated Relief Valve w/wo Unloader

P2931 Flame or Detonation Arrester w/wo Temperature Sensor

Receiver Devices

R2021 Panel-mount or Rail Mount Process Controller

R2031 Panel-mount or Rail Mount Temperature Controller

R2111 Panel-mount or Rail Mount Digital Indicator or Meter

R2114 Panel-mount or Rail Mount Counter or Totalizer

R2118 Panel-mount Indicator Light w/wo Integral Switch

R2121 Panel-mount Switch w/wo Integral Light

R2221 Field Signal Indicator w/wo integral Switches

R2311 Circular Chart Recorder w/w Controller or Probe

R2321 Continuous Strip Chart Recorder w/wo Probe

Speed Devices

S2001 Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

S2011 Magnetic Rotation Speed and Direction Sensor

S2013 Magnetic Rotation Speed or Angular Position Encoder

S2014 Optical Rotation Speed or Angular Position Encoder

S2021 Rotation or Zero Speed Switch

S2022 Rotation or Zero Speed Switch with Integral Sensor

S2023 Rotation Speed Switch or Monitor-Rail Mount

S2025 Rotation Speed Switch with Transmitter

S2402 Handheld Tachometer or Surface Speed Meter

S2411 Panel Mount Tachometer w/wo Transmitter

Temperature Devices

T2001 Bimetallic Thermometer w/wo Thermowell

T2101 Filled-System Thermometer w/wo Thermowell

T2111 Filled-System Temperature Switch w/wo Thermowell

T2121 Filled-System Temperature Transmitter w/wo Thermowell

T2201 RTD Assembly w/wo Thermowell

T2211 Thermistor Assembly

T2221 RTD/Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter-Field Mount

T2222 RTD/Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter-Head Mount

T2223 Temperature Transmitter or Switch-Rail Mount

T2224 Temperature Transmitter Assembly with Integral Sensor

T2301 Thermocouple Assembly w/wo Thermowell

T2302 Multipoint RTD/Thermocouple Assembly w/wo Thermowell

T2401 Radiation or Infrared Thermometer or Pyrometer

T2402 Handheld IR Thermometer w/wo Secondary Measurement

T2501 Thermowell or Protecting Tube Assembly

Multivariable Devices

U2001 Professional or Military Grade Weather Station

U2002 Multivariable Data Logger or Remote Monitoring Station

U2005 Flood Warning System or Sensor

U2011 Annunciator w/wo Event Recording

U2012 Annunciator Lamp Cabinet or Indicator

U2013 Fire Alarm Control Panel w/wo Integral Annunciator

U2014 Fire Panel Remote Annunciator or Indicator

U2015 Pressure Relief Device Monitor or Annunciator

U2051 Multivariable Flow Transmitter w/wo Calculation

U2321 Multi-point or Hybrid Strip Chart Recorder

U2335 Paperless Digital Recorder w/wo Remote I/O

U2347 Insitu Water Multi-parameter Probe w/wo Transmitter

U2348 Insitu Water Multi-parameter Multiprobe with Transmitter

U2402 Thermal or Hot-wire Anemometer with Probe

U2910 Flow Computer or Totalizer or Transmitter

U2911 Tank Data Integration or Monitor or Calculator w/wo Switches

U2912 Multi-Tank or Multi-Channel On-Off Level Controller

U2913 Tank or Leak/Point Level Alarm or Control

Vibration or Mechanical Analysis Devices

V2101 Vibration Sensor/Transducer or Transmitter

V2201 Vibration Transmitter/Alarm or Conditioner Module

V2301 Vibration Switch

V2311 Machinery Monitoring or Protection System

Machinery Analysis Safety Devices

VZ2013 Safety Rotary Encoder w/wo Integrated Safety Functions

VZ2015 Safety Linear Encoder w/wo Integrated Safety Functions

VZ2111 Safety Speed Monitor or Relay or Controller

VZ2211 Safety Relay or Safety Control Relay

VZ2311 Safety Controller or Expansion Module or Unit

VZ2411 Presence Sensing/Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mat System

VZ2511 Safety Light Curtain – Point of Control

VZ2512 Safety Light Curtain – Perimeter Access Control 

Weight Devices

W2011 Precision Scale or Balance

W2015 Bench or Floor or Platform Scale

W2017 Truck or Vehicle Scale

W2018 Railroad Track or Combo Truck Scale

W2111 Hanging Weight Indicator or Crane Scale

W2211 Load Cell or Weighing Module

W2221 Weight Indicator or Remote Display

W2910 Weighing or Batch Indicator or Controller

Relay or Compute or Converter Devices

Y2211 Signal Conditioner or Converter or Transmitter

Y2511 Fieldbus Junction Component

Y2611 Audible Signal Device

Y2612 Visual Signal Device

Position Devices

Z2011 Electromechanical Limit Switch

Z2012 Proximity Sensor or Switch

Z2015 Magnetic or Optical Linear Position or Length Encoder

Z2021 Photoelectric or Distance Sensor or Switch

Z2111 Position Sensor or Transducer or Transmitter

Z2121 Industrial Inclination or Tilt Sensor or Inclinometer

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