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Instrument Specification Forms and Integrated Instrument Index

FREE Integrated ISA-5.1-2009/2022 Identifications Number Enabler

  • Generates Identical Loop and Tag Numbers Within Instrument Specification Forms and Instrument Index
  • Administration Interface to Manage 17 Standardized Formatting Options and 9 Drop-down List Choices​​​
  • Implements All 9 ISA Different Loop Numbering Schemes and Configuration Options for Most Other Schemes  
  • UserForm Displays Project's Required Number Numeral Sequencing Method and Numbering Scheme
  • Allows Disabling of Loop Number Prefix for Projects Not Requiring These Numbering Segments
  • User-friendly Interface Drop-down List Including Value Descriptions to Maximize Clarity of Function Identifications
  • Automatically Applies Tag Number Suffix Punctuation for Tags with Suffix Values 
  • Extensive Data Entry Error Trapping with Explanatory Messages While Allowing Non-Validated User Values 
  • Instrument Index Form Retains Entered Data After Saving a Record to Facilitate Minimal Editing of Next Record
  • Includes Work Process Documenting 6 Incidental Related Properties Generally Visible or Inferred from Drawing
  • Automatic UserForm Activation on New Specification Documents
  • Instrument Index Initiated View UserForm or By Clicking in Empty Spread Sheet Keywords Column   
  • Macro Enabled Microsoft® Word Forms and Excel Spreadsheet


FREE Instrument Specs and Index Download Now!

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About Integrated or Manual Entry Instrument Index Website is a website which aims to publish and solicit FREE crowdsourced information about:

  • ISA-5.1-2009/2022 Instrument Identifications Number Administration and Generation User Interface 
  • Enabled Instrument Index integration with ISA TR20 style specification forms
  • Enabled Standalone instrument index with fields and drop-down list equivalent to those in ISA TR20 forms
  • Instrument index Work Process Orientated Custom Views to facilitate efficient editing and reviews
  • Data Completion Calculations for each data column including filtered and sorted queries

Default Identifications Based on ISA-S-5.1-2009/2022

ANSI/ISA-5.1-2009/2022 Instrumentation Symbols and Identification Standard attempts to strengthen this standard published as

ANSI/ISA-5.1-1984, and then reaffirmed in 1992. This revision extensively changes the format of ANSI/ISA-5.1-1984 (R 1992). Clauses 1, 2, and 3 are essentially the same as previously written with some additions and modifications. Clauses 4, 5 and 6 and informative Annexes A and B are new or extensively revised. 

The letters in Table 4.1 - Identification letters shall have the mandatory meanings assigned except the user shall assign:

  • Variables to the User's Choice letters when such letters are used
  •  Meaning to the blanks (undesignated letters) when additional functions or modifiers are assigned

Loop Identification letters and numbers should (informative and not mandatory) be assigned in accordance with one of the 9 Loop Numbering Schemes.

Therefore, this ISA-5.1 revision supports significant flexibility to allow users to be in full compliance with this National Consensus Standard.

However, many organizations must accommodate legacy requirements for their existing data.  This application has therefore been designed to accommodate extensive administrative configurations beyond the default ISA standard configurations, as well as unvalidated user inputs that comply with the Project's maximum length requirement. Such flexibility should accommodate most project's need for consistent identification Number generation!

Pop-Up UserForms Enabled 

ISA-5.1-2009 Identification Enabler Pop-up UserForm

UserForm Group Title

UserForm Data Description

Document Data

6-Fields identifying Document Number. P&ID/Reference Drawing, Component Symbol (Instrument Index Only), Related Equipment/Drawing Number, Service Description and Upstream Line/Nozzle Number.

ISA P&ID/Reference Drawings Component Symbols descriptions can be compared with detailed device descriptions from Instrument Specification forms 

Generated Identification Numbers

3-Fields identifying Formatted Identification/Tag Number, Identification/Tag Number (unformatted) and Formatted Loop Identification Number. Formatted Loop and Tag numbers facilitate simple Index sort A to Z and compatibility with conventional database software applications

Method and Scheme

2-Fields identifying Loop Number Numeral Sequence Method value and Loop Numbering Scheme value

Loop Prefix

3-Fields identifying maximum Loop prefix length, Loop Prefix value and Loop Number Prefix Punctuation

Functional Identification

12-Fields identifying maximum data length and value for Measured/Initiating Variable Letter, First Letter Variable Modifier Letter, Readout/Passive Function, Output/Active Function, Function Modifier and Functional Identification Letters

Loop Number and Suffix

5-Fields identifying Optional Loop Number Prefix Punctuation and maximum data length and value for Loop Identification Number Numerals and Loop Number suffix

Tag Number Suffixes

5-Fields identifying Recommended Tag Number Punctuation and maximum data length for First Tag Number Suffix and Additional Tag Number Suffixes

Command Buttons

3-Command Buttons initiating Save UserForm data, Close UserForm and Reset (clear) UserForm values

Activation of UserForms

The Instrument Specification UserForm automatically displays when a new Specification Form document is created.

The Instrument Index Data spreadsheet has a worksheet tab to open and click the command button to Open the Add Components UserForm.

An alternate method to activate the UserForm, is to open the Instrument Index Data tab and click within an empty “Keywords” (Formatted Identification/Tag Number) Column “C”, which will activate the User forms for entering and saving its data fields.

Note: This technique can be used to revise Identification Number data of an existing record, after first deleting the preexisting data, in this field.

Click to View or Save ISA-5.1-2009/2022 Instrument Identification Number Enabler Tutorial Word Document

Administration of UserForms

An Administration UserForm worksheet is designed to enable implementation of tagging identifications of ANSI/ISA-S5.1-2009 Instrumentation, Identifications, but can also be configured to support similar identifications that use 7 or less number segments.

Such Administrative configuration activity must be performed before Project data is entered and then generally this worksheet tab is hidden to minimize unauthorized changes.

Click to View or Save ISA-5.1-2009/2022 Instrument Identification Number Enabler Administration Tutorial Word Document

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